Discussing Your Insurance Benefits

When doctors’ visits go longer than expected, the last thing someone wants to do is have one more conversation. Meeting about cost and benefits can definitely add to the emotional and mental stress of health care, especially if you’re overwhelmed by your findings from the initial appointment itself. So, why spend extra time to meet about your benefits and cost? Well here’s why; most people don’t buy a car without looking at cost, or explore the car’s perks of the package. Why wouldn’t you want to explore all avenues such as personal out of pocket cost, insurance coverage, and healing time, to making sure you feel confident in your choice?

Confidence in Your Choice of Health Care

We want you to feel confident when you leave the vein center. We are informative when it comes to talking about cost and insurance requirements, without the pain and stress. You will walk out of our office, with findings from your treatment plan, as well as knowing the potential cost and requirements for treatment covered by your insurance. At times, it can feel like an information overload, but really it’s just a helpful reminder of what you already know, with just a little reassurance.

Financial Preparation

Meeting about your benefits can help you plan for short term financial goals, as well as longer term finances too. Discussing what the insurance will cover for your procedures or even their requirements for treatment, will help you plan your finances. Planning finances ahead of time makes it easier for you to look and feel your best without breaking the family budget. Health Care treatments can be costly, but sitting down and talking about the breakdown, makes the treatment of varicose veins possible for everyone. We understand that talking about cost can be a sensitive conversation to some people, but we try to help everyone see that treatment can be possible with their family budget.

Power in knowledge

If power is knowledge in life, don’t you find yourself wanting both knowledge and power? Well we believe that power is gained by sharing knowledge, and not hoarding it. Learning about your financial cost of treatment will help you to get ahead of your health as well as finances. Being informed of symptoms, possible conservative measures, the actual facts of cost and insurance requirements, will help you to stay in control of your health. The knowledge comes from taking the time to learn about your health, and your insurance. We help you become more informed about what the underlying requirements for your insurance and budget can be for treatment.