Free Varicose Vein Screenings

Vein disease is not always as obvious as large, bulging varicose veins. You may have symptoms of vein disease without any varicosities. For this reason, we offer free, varicose vein screenings. So, what are the symptoms and signs of vein disease?Bulging varicose veins

Symptoms and Signs

Bulging varicose veins are the most common and obvious indication of vein disease, but they aren’t the only sign. Veins return blood to the heart, through one-way valves that keep the blood moving up. When these valves fail, blood is allowed to flow backward in the vein. The extra pressure in the veins can cause leg pain and aches, leg heaviness, restless legs, leg swelling, and itching. In advanced stages of disease, skin discoloration and skin ulceration may occur. When these symptoms are present, we use ultrasound to evaluate veins.

Ultrasound Evaluation

Using ultrasound, we can determine the direction and velocity of the blood flow in veins. Ultrasound uses painless, sound waves that are too high a frequency to be heard by the human ear. These sound waves travel through the skin and bounce back off structures in the body to produce an image. Doppler ultrasound is used to measure the blood flow in vessels. Sound waves are bounced off circulating red blood cells, allowing us to measure the direction of flow.

At a free varicose vein screening ultrasound, the ultrasound technician will evaluate two of the main sources of vein disease, the great saphenous vein and the small saphenous vein. The technician will apply ultrasound gel to the leg, and place the probe on the leg. Then, the veins are evaluated and the patient is informed of any present vein disease.

Screenings To Fit Your Schedule

IVC® offers screenings during normal business hours and periodic free screening events. To request a free varicose vein screening, visit our free screening sign up page.