Lorna’s Testimonial

I cannot thank you guys enough. The main reason for coming to IVC was because my legs ached nightly with extreme pain right behind the knee. I work standing in same spot or sitting in captain chairs with knees bent for extended hours. Thinking the problem was my shoes, I would repeatedly buy expensive shoes to try to fix the pain.

The procedure took about one hour start to finish. Being very diligent on the Ibuprofen there is no need for pain medication at all. Six days after the first procedure I went on a cruise. I thought my leg would swell because of the recent procedure but was able to do anything I planned. The relief in the first leg was a welcome blessing and made me want to get on with the rest of my treatments.

Just 6 months after the first treatment and 1 month after last treatment I flew to Zimbabwe, Africa. 32 hours of airports and no putting my legs up or sleep. I called Doctor Asay from Africa to thank him for how I felt, no swelling and no pain. So has this all been worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

The Vein Center from door to door on every appointment was very professional. They treated me with respect and truly listen. The reception desk is friendly, both PA’s answered all my questions, the ultrasound techs explained what they were doing, procedures were quick and procedure techs all supportive. The Doctors, all caring! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

-Lorna G. treated in 2011