Spider Vein Treatment

spider veins or telangiectasia behind a knee

Spider Veins

Spider veins are small, dark veins which are visible on the skin’s surface. Often, spider veins may be a sign of vein disease deeper in the leg. It’s wise to have a venous insufficiency evaluation, along with an overall treatment plan, BEFORE beginning to address spider veins. In most cases, spider veins themselves are easy to treat. Performed in the office, micro-injections of medicine will shut down each small vein. Recovery is minimal and generally requires no down-time.

Spider Vein Treatment

Our preferred method of treating spider veins is called sclerotherapy. It involves injecting a solution directly into the vein. The sclerotherapy solution irritates the lining of the vein and causes scar tissue to form. This will eventually close the vein completely. The closed vein is then reabsorbed into local tissue and visually fades.

Additional Information

  • We will carefully focus our treatment on what is most important to you. The treatment of spider veins begins with a comprehensive consultation where a personalized treatment plan will be made. Our sclerotherapy nurse will estimate the number of visits you may need. These estimates may be revised based on your expectations and outcomes.
  • Sclerotherapy injections usually take multiple sessions to be effective. It is best to wait 4-6 weeks between treatments for the best cosmetic outcome.
  • Spider veins are a mild form of venous disease, which is chronic and progressive. This means that your body may grow new spider veins over time. Most patients require maintenance sessions every few years.
  • Potential side effects associated with sclerotherapy include bruising, hyperpigmentation, and tissue necrosis. Side effects and further questions can be discussed in depth during your initial consultation.
  • The presence of spider veins may indicate that there is more serious venous disease occurring below the skin’s surface. In some cases, an ultrasound may be required for a complete assessment.

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