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IVC® Interventional Vascular and Vein Center is honored to be recognized by the Intersocietal Accreditation Committee (IAC) and Vein Therapy News for our ongoingIAC accreditation award commitment to providing great quality varicose vein treatment and patient care. This perpetual award was awarded to 5 vein treatment centers for meeting the stringent standards of care for multiple accreditation cycles. Laura Humphries, BS, RVT, RPhs, Director of Accreditation for IAC had this to say of the award:

“It is certainly IAC’s pleasure to recognize these facilities for their longstanding commitment to quality as demonstrated through continuous achievement of IAC accreditation. We look forward to our ongoing relationship and celebrating each additional title that is added in the coming years! Newly qualifying facilities can look forward to receiving their awards this year, a tangible testament to quality that is meaningful both to their staff who see the award every day and the patients they serve.”

IAC is an interdisciplinary accreditation body that oversees the practice and management of varicose vein treatment. To achieve accreditation all processes in the evaluation and treatment of varicose veins are scrutinized. Ultrasound images are submitted for evaluation, proper certifications must be held and maintained, providers and ultrasound technicians must attend continuing education, protocols set in place, and an on-site visit from IAC to view the practice in action. This means our patients may be assured that they are receiving high-quality, comprehensive varicose vein care.

IVC® prides itself in being one of the few varicose vein treatment specialists in Utah to offer the full range of procedures to treat vein disease. A complete varicose vein treatment plan often includes vein ablation (endovenous radio-frequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation, VenaSeal, ClariVein) to treat main sources of reflux, ambulatory phlebectomy to treat obvious bulging varicose veins, and sclerotherapy to treat smaller varicose veins. We also perform ovarian or gonadal vein embolization for the treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome and varicoceles, as well as treating venous obstruction disorders like May-Thurner disease.

IVC® looks forward to continuing to provide the communities of Utah Valley and surrounding areas with excellent varicose vein treatment and to continuing to meet the qualifications of the Intersocietal Accreditation Committee.

  vein therapy news article recognizing 5 vein centers for achieving continued accreditation
Carl Black, MD

Carl Black, MD

Interventional Radiologist

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Dr. Carl Black’s primary professional areas of focus include interventional radiology and neuroradiology. His expertise includes treatment of disorders of the arterial and venous circulation, acute stroke intervention, carotid artery stenting, therapeutic embolization