Spider Veins and the Webs They Weave

What are spider veins? Well, most people know them as the dark web-like veins that are spread from thighs to ankles on the surface of the skin. Why do we get these nasty little veins? In many instances, spider veins are fed by larger sources of reflux occurring within the venous system. So, are we saying there are even deeper problematic webs of veins that you cannot see? Yes, but not always. If you have achiness and pain associated with your spider veins, then most likely there is an underlying source which we would be able to determine is an issue with a free ultrasound screening.

If treatment of spider veins is what you seek, in most cases they can be treated through micro-injections of a medicinal agent designed specifically to kill the targeted veins. Treatment sessions last about an hour and most patients end up having between three to five sessions. These treatments are performed within the office and generally require no down time. Do the treatments last forever? Unfortunately, no they do not. These nuisances are destined to plague us for many times to come, but the treatments typically last between one to two years before needing additional injections.