IVC Achieves Varicose Vein Center Accreditation!

Let us be ‘vein’ and celebrate being nationally recognized for our quality patient care.

IVC® is part of an elite group of centers that have been nationally recognized for providing quality patient care by receiving a “Seal of approval” from Intersocietal Accredited varicose vein center Accreditation Commission for Superficial Venous Evaluation and Management.  Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) is dedicated to ensuring quality patient care and promoting and improving health care with national standards to be achieved by facilities across the nation.

What does this mean for IVC®? We rock!  Other than being experts in our specialty, we are validated in knowing that we surpass our competitors in providing quality health care to our patient as well as center our practices on a superior patient experience.

What does this mean for you, as a patient?  Peace of mind. You can rely on our processes and procedures, knowing we have been carefully evaluated by medical experts in the field of treatment and management of superficial venous disorders.

To learn more about accreditation and why it should matter to patients in selecting a facility, please visit https://intersocietal.org/patient-information/