What To Expect For Your Procedure

Instructions For Your Up-Coming Varicose Vein Procedure

After the procedure please have someone else drive you home from our office. You will be in the procedures alone, but your ride can either wait in the waiting room or we can call them just before you are done.

Depending on the procedure you are having, and its complexity, the time it requires will vary. On average, ablation procedures of one vein takes about 1 hour. Phlebectomy usually requires 1½ to 2 hours.

With the small size of our waiting room, if you have children please arrange for someone to watch them instead of bringing them to the office on the day of your procedure.

We cannot allow friends or family members in the procedure room with you during your procedure.

For ablations we offer our patients valium, an anti-anxiety medication, to help you relax. This is optional, but most patients want it. If you decide to take the Valium, you MUST have a ride home.

We recommend that you eat before coming in and take all of your normal medications unless otherwise instructed. Fasting is not necessary and we do not want you to take medication on an empty stomach.

After procedures we have you wear a prescription-strength compression stocking (usually thigh-high) and sometimes ace bandages as well. Consequently, come wearing something loose and comfortable.