Have you made a commitment to workout more regularly? If so, that’s commendable. But with juggling work, family and other obligations it may seem like the only free time available for working up a sweat is in the early morning.

So, here’s the big question: Do you find it easy to get up the “exercise ambition” when your alarm goes off and the moon is still shining?

If not, then ask yourself this: Will you still have the motivation to hit the gym after a long day at work? For some people, the answer is yes! But for many of us, mornings are the most productive time to workout. So her are some tips to help make your best intentions a reality.

  1. Go to bed at a consistent time. It’s much easier to arise when your body is on a consistent sleep schedule.
  2. Sleep in your workout clothes. You’ll find one less excuse to not go to the gym. Plus, it saves precious time in the morning searching for your workout clothes.
  3. Have a plan. Know exactly what you plan to do for your workout when you go to bed the night before. You may even want to lay out your gear, equipment, gym bag and whatever else you’ll need, too.
  4. Find your soundtrack. Your favorite tune can really do wonders when it comes to motivation. Play tunes in the morning that remind you of your goals and why you’re doing this in the first place.
  5. Don’t hit the snooze button. This one may seem obvious, but it should not be understated. If you’re tempted to hit the button repeatedly, place your clock on the other side of the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.
  6. Just do it! The most successful exercisers are their own best friends. They make the decision the night before, and get up the next day and go to it with a can-do attitude.