Insurance – it’s the name of the game. Does it mean anything to you?

When it comes to insurance we all have a lot of questions. Do you ever feel that you never get a straight answer? Welcome to the game. For the next few weeks I will be your coach and will provide you with insurance insight that pertains to varicose vein policies. This week I will share general requirements that many of the insurance providers enforce through their guidelines. In the following weeks I will highlight an individual insurance plan.

I’m sure you have questions regarding your deductible and if it will apply to the procedures. You may also wonder what your responsibility will be. All of these questions will be answered during your new patient appointment.

Many insurance companies require conservative measures, such as compression stocking usage. The use of anti-inflammatories and pain meds are required; exercise and being as active as possible is also encouraged. And what about symptoms? Swelling, achiness, PAIN, etc. Ay yi yi. The list goes on and on. I promise I will not leave you hanging. I will address all these things and more in the following weeks and be specific as to which insurances require all or none of these conservative measures and symptoms.

Whether you are playing “Shoots and Ladders” or friendly rounds of fantasy football, all games have rules. I hope to share the rules to the “insurance game” in a way that is easy to understand and help you maneuver through the field of policy madness.