Spider Veins

Spider Veins at IVC Interventional and Vein Center in Utah

Spider Veins

Spider veins are small, dark veins which are visible on the skin’s surface. Often, spider veins may be a sign of vein disease deeper in the leg. It’s wise to have a Venous Insufficiency evaluation, along with an overall treatment plan, BEFORE beginning to address spider veins.

In most cases, spider veins themselves are easy to treat. Performed in the office, micro-injections of medicine will shut down each small vein. Recovery is minimal and generally requires no down-time.


Testing for Vein Disease

To evaluate veins, we use ultrasound. This allows us to view the anatomy of your veins, measuring the direction and speed of your blood flow. With this personalized information, we can develop a treatment plan specifically for you and your individual needs. Learn more.