Why do I see so many different doctors during the course of my treatment?

At IVC we currently have 7 different doctors that treat varicose veins. All of them are Interventional Radiologist. They are radiologist in the classic sense that read X-rays and MRI’s, but they have also done additional training to do minimally invasive procedures that use various imaging techniques to accomplish it. Our doctors perform a wide variety of procedures in all areas of the body. IVC is not the only location they do procedures in, they also work in two different hospitals. Just about every day they are working in a different location. A doctor may only rotate to IVC 2-3 times a month.


Because of this the majority of our patients will choose a day that works for them to have their procedure on and simply have whatever doctor is working that day perform their procedure. Hence most patients will end up seeing several different doctors to perform their procedures. This generally works out for most patients because there is very little difference in technical expertise from one doctor to the next.


Some patients prefer to have one doctor perform all their treatments while at IVC. This is a perfectly acceptable way to proceed through the treatment process, the only challenge is matching the patients schedule up with the preferred doctor. In most cases this will prolong the overall treatment process, but if the patients don’t mind then we can accommodate.