Hanging Out with Bogart at IVC’s Valentine Event

Ever been to a day spa?  Massages, pampering, soothing music—toss in some cucumber finger sandwiches, maybe.  Well, I never expected to find such relaxation on a Saturday morning in Provo, but attending the “Love Your Legs” Free Vein Screening at IVC felt just like a posh resort.  Walking into the lobby, soft guitar music floated through the air as I was greeted with a smile.  Valentine's Day Screening EventThe host told me exactly where to find the office one floor above and ushered me to an elevator.  The “Love Your Legs” Event theme was classic movies, old Hollywood romances, so vintage posters for “Casablanca,” “Singin’ in the Rain” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” met me as I walked down the hall.  How can a person be nervous while checking out Jimmy Stewart or Ingrid Bergman?

After waiting less than five minutes for my appointment, I was shown to an exam room and asked to change into a pair of disposable shorts (my modesty and my pride appreciated this courtesy).  The qualified sonographer explained the scanning process and helped me to relax.  Squirting some warm, clear gel onto my thigh beside my kneecap, she rubbed the gel along the inside of my leg with a hand-held sonography wand, asked me to breathe out and tense my stomach muscles a fe
w times…and that was it!  No needles, no chilly lotion-shock, no hard questions to answer.  Just five minutes of pleasant chat and having my legs rubbed with warm gel.  If I had had other medical questions or concerns, IVC’s board-certified interventional radiologists were available to speak with me.  After doing my research, I know these doctors are the most respected vein specialists in Utah; difficult cases from all over the western U.S. are sent to them.  I appreciated being able to talk with the real pros.

Now for the best part:  The Gift and The Food!  I’ll admit it—I enjoy presents, and every person screened received the free gift, a mini portable speaker for cell phones/computers and a gift card to Provo Beach Resort.  I was impressed, as were my teenagers when I got home; they offered to “try it out” for me immediately.  The mezzanine held several tables with amazing food from Marvelous Catering.  There were salads, sandwiches—no cucumber, but turkey/spinach focaccia is better, anyway—and an array of delectable treats.  My favorites were the chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce and the key lime pie cups.  Relaxing in my chair and savoring the impromptu lunch, I contemplated my view of snowy mountains outside and classy red and black flower displays in front of me.  The music played as I wondered how a florist could achieve black foliage (floral black spray paint) and smiled at the snapshots of Lucille Ball and Humphrey Bogart scattered along each table.

The “Love Your Legs” Free Vein Screening was completely worth my time.  Advertised as taking less than 30 minutes total, I ended up staying over an hour.  Gorgeous surroundings, friendly people, and peace of mind from dealing with the best-of-the-best medical experts.  My health and my Saturday were in good hands. Bogey would have approved.

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