As the sun rises, so do I. Well, I’d like to wake up when the sun comes up, but being a busy mom and on the go, I’m up way before the sun most days. I find that as I have tossed and turned all night due to my legs cramping up and constantly feeling like I need to move them to get comfortable; it’s easier to wake up and get a start on the day.

I do enjoy feeling like I’m productive during the day due to an early start. I drop the kids off at school and head back to do the quick tidy up around the house.  However, I’ve noticed lately that as I start doing the dishes, laundry and cleaning I find that my legs start to swell or feel heavy. I push through it thinking that I’ll get a head start on dinner.  I sit down and look through the recipe book thinking of something new to cook, I notice that the pressure from my legs feels a little more relaxed and even more so if I prop them up on the chair beside me. Creamy chicken over rice sounds good, but I need a fresh vegetable to go along with it and I’m fresh out.

Grocery shopping, I have gotten to where I don’t even go much anymore. I find that the lines are horrible and standing on my feet so long, tends to make my legs look like the spaghetti squashes that I’ve purchased for dinner. I stand in line looking like a weird lady with consistent itching because of the swelling. People probably look in my cart just to make sure I’ve got some sort of lotion or anti-flee cream because the itching gets so out of hand.

I feel much better as I’ve gotten home and dinner is in the oven and I can get off my feet.  I might even try that new “personal time” idea that people keep raving about, maybe I can get a few minutes in before the kids get home. I still want to try to be productive and so gardening has become quite the therapeutic activity for me lately. I enjoy the flowerbeds looking nice and doing something so monotonous helps me to relax and focus on the simple things in life, well that is before my legs start to cramp up. As I stretch them out, I realize that my ankles look about the color of the red and purple flowers I’ve purchased earlier this morning on my distracted grocery errand,  too bad It’s time to go pick up the kids from school and I won’t be able to elevate them to help the new color changes.

As I go pick up the kids, I find myself having to resituate in the car several times due to the uncomfortable aches I feel in my legs. Maybe I should have them checked out at the Vein Center that my friend went to; I mean after all she was thrilled with the treatment and their polite staff.

It’s part of the natural anatomy for women’s bodies to change and not work as they did in the earlier years. In fact, most busy women experience the symptoms talked about above, even if they aren’t in that specific stage of life. Taking time to notice what your body is trying to tell, is critical in helping you to live the quality of life that you want to. If you notice any of these symptoms above, you may want to think about getting set up for one of our free screenings here at IVC.