15 Things We Have Learned In 15 Years

A lot can change over 15 years; we have watched our clinic grow from a staff of 3 to 13 employees and 7 physicians. We have relocated, remodeled, and expanded. We have watched the rise of minimally invasive ablation procedures replacing painful surgery. We have learned and adopted new treatment techniques and procedures that aim to reduce the number of needle sticks. But one thing has not changed: IVC’s commitment to providing high quality care in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. As we celebrate our 15th year of business we took a moment to look back at the things we have learned.

Every Patient’s Vein Disease is Different and Requires a Personalized Treatment Plan

We have seen thousands of patients over the years and have found that no two cases are identical. That is why we perform a comprehensive ultrasound to map one’s veins. Fully understanding our patient’s venous system allows us to develop a treatment plan tailored to provide optimal results.

Current Vein Treatments are Highly Effective

Varicose vein treatment has come a long way from the painful surgical stripping procedures performed previously. Besides being much easier to recover from, patients can expect highly effective and dependable results from treatments like thermal ablation, phlebectomy, and sclerotherapy. With these highly effective treatments, patients can get back to the things they love easier and faster than ever.

Warm Cookies and Cold Drinks Make Everything Better

The smell of fresh baked cookies throughout the office is always an unexpected treat. Whether you just finished your appointment or are waiting for a loved one during their treatment, a fresh baked cookie and a cold drink makes everything better.

If Compression Stockings Help Your Symptoms Vein Treatment Is Very Likely To Help

Compression stockings are designed to help improve the circulation in your legs and can often help with varicose vein symptoms. Our physicians have noticed that patients who feel relief wearing compression stockings often experience even greater relief after treatment of their varicose veins.

Patients Appreciate Knowing the Expected Cost of Treatment

At IVC, we like to help our patients understand their condition, the treatments that will help, and the expected cost of the treatments they will need. At the initial consultation appointment, our insurance specialists contact our patient’s insurance company to understand their benefit and determine the coverage of their treatment plan. This lets you better plan for your path to relief.

Developing Relations with Insurance Authorization Specialists Is Important

Over the years our insurance specialists have spoken to insurance authorization agents thousands of times, often making connections with the people on the other end of the phone. These connections make the prior authorization process easier and more efficient and can often help when a treatment plan changes and a new authorization is required. This gives our patients peace of mind knowing their insurance will cover their treatment.

Compression Stockings Have Come a Long Way

Once a trademark of grandmas everywhere, compression stockings have come a long way in effectiveness, wearability, and style. You now see them on runners and professional athletes and have probably mistaken compression stockings for regular old socks. You can find them in different strengths and styles with many different colors, styles, and patterns to match your look.

Nitrous Oxide Helps Anxious Patients

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas has long been used in dentist offices as a mild sedative. In recent years nitrous has become a great option during medical procedures. While not for everyone, many of our patients find nitrous helps make the treatment process easier.

Everyone Loves HGTV

Another thing that helps make treatment a little easier is some distraction like TV, movies, or music. And boy do people like HGTV. Chip and Joanna Gaines grace our TVs 90% of the time!

Anyone Can Have Varicose Veins

While some people are more predisposed to varicose veins due to their sex, occupation, and heredity, varicose veins can affect anyone. Often thought of as an “old people’s” condition, we see patients from all ages and walks of life.

Restless Legs Can Be a Sign of Varicose Veins

Recent studies have made a connection between restless legs and varicose veins. While not all cases of restless legs are associated with vein disease, we have seen many patients find great relief of their restless legs after vein treatment.

Spider Veins Can Be a Sign of Underlying Vein Disease

Spider veins are typically a benign condition not causing many symptoms and treatment of them is considered cosmetic. But occasionally a patch of spider veins that does not respond well to treatment can be a sign of underlying vein disease. In these instances, a quick ultrasound can let us know exactly what is going on.

Vein Disease Can Be Complex and Involve More Than Just Legs

Varicose veins do not just occur in the legs. Many women suffer from Pelvic Venous Insufficiency which is basically varicose veins in the pelvis. This condition causes pelvic pain and heaviness and can give rise to varicose veins in the groin and thighs. Other less common conditions like May-Thurner Syndrome and deep vein reflux require a different route of treatment than basic varicose vein treatment.

A High Quality Ultrasound Is Important

Nearly everything we do in our office is aided by the use of ultrasound. Ultrasound allows us to evaluate and diagnose varicose veins and allows us to specifically target problematic veins for treatment. Our ultrasound lab is accredited by the American College of Radiology and our ultrasound technicians are highly trained and attend ongoing training and conferences to stay at the forefront of their field.

We Love Getting To Know Our Patients

Varicose vein treatment often requires multiple visits to our office and therefore we really get to know our patients. One of the best parts of our work days is chatting with our patients and hearing their stories. In the end we are proud to call our patients friends.

The last fifteen years has been great for us and we only have our wonderful patients to thank for it. We are truly honored that you have trusted us with your care and given us the opportunity to continue to serve Utah communities for many years to come!