Real Men take care of their health . . . and ask for directions

Men don’t usually admit to being in physical pain—just like they don’t discuss emotions or ask for directions. Remember the old book Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche? Well, what if a guy likes quiche? Anything with bacon, pie crust, and melted cheese sounds pretty manly to me. Just as Real Men (and Real Women, for that matter) don’t let anyone tell them what to eat based on a fad, Real Men should notice aches and pains enough to take charge of their continued good health.

Not for Women Only

Varicose veins apply to men, too. It’s a major myth that vein disease happens only to older women who’ve had lots of babies. Young, physically fit males can also be at risk. In fact, the biggest single risk factor for varicose veins is family genetic history, and 40% of men will develop vein disease over time. Really, this makes sense if you think about it. All human beings have the same circulatory system in their legs; therefore, anyone can have the same vein problems. Varicose veins may become a serious health issue, causing thickened discolored skin, major swelling, and weeping sores on the ankle and foot.

What’s a Guy to do?

So if being male won’t save you, and youth or physical fitness alone won’t save you, are varicose veins inevitable? No way—take control! Notice the early signs of vein disease, and treat symptoms before they get worse. Do your legs ache or feel tired at the end of the day? Do they feel restless, twitchy, or “heavy”? Are your legs ever slightly swollen or sore? These are all early signals of vein disease.

Choose the Experts

IVC specializes in diagnosing, managing, and treating varicose veins. The Valentine Free Screening Event is a great opportunity to be scanned at one of only two accredited vein treatment centers in the state. If you have signs of vein disease, you can speak with the experts and check out your options. Do something good for your health, and have fun doing it. Since the Event theme is famous old-Hollywood couples, take your sweetheart and earn some bonus points. It’s a great party, complete with fabulous food, live music, and a deluxe gift.

Go with your Sweetheart, or Go Stag

What type of guy came to this year’s Valentine Event? Several couples attended together; either both were screened, or one had an appointment and the other tagged along for moral support. A husband commented, “Just coming here is like being on a date!” His wife agreed: “Music, food, chocolate? I’m happy…” Another man came in solo but credited his wife with motivating him to be checked. He said, “I’m here ‘cuz my wife wants me here. ‘Happy wife, happy life!’”

Of course, some men do take charge of their health and come in under their own steam. One man said, “I heard your ad on the radio, and your description sounded like how my legs feel. I’ve had some leg aches, so I wanted to check it out.” Another man commented, “Yeah, I’ve known I had vein disease for a long time. Time for me to do something about it.”

And he’s right—it IS time to do something about it. Don’t suffer in silence. Just like Real Men can eat quiche, Real Men take action to stay healthy. Ask for directions , and take care of your health.

P.S. Several other conditions can affect men and their vein health. For more details, phone us at 801-379-6700, or watch for another blog coming soon!