Vein Disease – The Silent Threat Take Control and Win!

Athletes focus on improving running times or golf scores, but most people don’t think about their bodies’ health until they feel actual pain.

Who, Me?

Hosted by IVC, the Athletic Free Vein Screening Event reaches out to a Athletic Eventwider group of people—athletes and men—who may not think circulation health applies to them. Can’t you just hear the comments? “Vein disease? No way! I’m a guy, I’m in my twenties, and I’m in great shape.” “Sure, my legs feel tired the day after a hard workout, but that’s normal, right?” “Varicose veins are for older ladies who’ve had lots of kids…”

Vein disease, or Venous Insufficiency, is one of those silent health issues which creep up unnoticed. Early symptoms may be so general that people think their leg aches or throbbing feet are caused by something else. Common vein disease signs include soreness, tiredness, itchy skin, restless legs, or trouble sleeping.

Lingering aches and pains after a day on your feet may be trying to tell you something, whether running a 10K or chasing your children around Disneyland. Finding out you have vein disease can come as a shock. While supporting his wife at this year’s Athletic Event, one man thought, “I’m already here—I might as well try this, too.” Assuming that his recurring leg problems stemmed from a lower-back injury, this man was surprised to learn that vein disease was also contributing to his leg pain.

Free Screening – Find out if you’ve got it

The Free Screening itself is fast, easy, and painless. A quick ultrasound swipe down both legs, from mid-thigh to ankle, is all it takes. If signs of vein disease show up, you can speak with IVC’s interventional radiologists, MDs with years of additional training focused on the delicate microsurgery of vein treatment. You don’t want a PA or nurse practitioner performing your procedure; you want the actual MD who specializes in vein disease care.

Compression Socks – not just for Grandma, anymore

The good news? Vein disease is treatable! The first step, both in medical care and to qualify for health insurance coverage, is wearing prescription-strength compression socks. These are NOT your grandmother’s suntan-brown type of stockings. Modern compression socks come in a rainbow of cool colors and styles—think Kevin Durrant or Usain Bolt. Elite athletes wear compression socks to enhance circulation and speed up the return of blood to the heart, a key to high performance and quicker recovery times after a workout.

Start with a Free Screening by professionals who know what they’re doing. Add compression socks—pharmaceutical-strength with a written medical prescription to start the paperwork for your insurance coverage—and see how much better you can feel. After all, what’s manly about avoidable suffering? Get back to the sports, activities, and adventures you love. Get back to your life. Guess life really does start when the pain stops…