Clarence’s Testimonial

Symptoms or Warning Signs of Venous Insufficiency

  1. Leg discomfort: If you experience aching, heaviness, throbbing, burning, itching, cramping, or numbness in your legs, then there is a good chance you have venous insufficiency. In many cases, these symptoms are exacerbated by long periods of standing or sitting.
  2. Fatigued or heavy legs: If your legs get tired after standing for a few minutes or after a short period of activity then you could have venous insufficiency.
  3. Restless legs or leg cramps: Patients who suffer from venous insufficiency often complain of an uncomfortable tingling sensation in their legs or legs cramps in the evening. Patients often feel forced to move their legs, especially when at rest. If you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and experience some of these other symptoms, it is best to visit a vein specialist and have an assessment done for venous insufficiency.
  4. Discoloration of skin on legs: Venous disease can cause brown stains on the skin (hyperpigmentation). In severe cases, the skin tissue around the lower legs and ankles scar so that it looks and feels like leather. It does not have to be this severe to be seen by a specialist. If you experience redness or inflammation around the lower legs and ankles, you may have venous disease.
  5. Visible varicose veins or spider veins: Varicose veins and spider veins can be visible to the naked eye. If you see them then you have them!

Women, Pregnancy and Leg Pain

Many women come into IVC with leg pain that increases in intensity during their menstrual cycle. As an ultrasonographer, when a patient mentions that to me I start to thinking of pelvic congestion syndrome. Some of the symptoms include a heavy or full feeling in the pelvic area, lower back pain, and an increase in pain in the leg during their menstrual cycle.

Unfortunately women do not only deal with the hereditary factor of varicose veins but many women develop varicose veins that get worse with pregnancy. ” Britney Spears today is the equivalent of the average American woman- a single mother of two with dashed hopes, little faith in romance and varicose veins.” (The Varsity 2007)

We know that you are not Britney Spears and the quote seems humorous however, there is validity to the quote. Pregnancy can increase the size and the amount of varicose veins in the pelvic area as well as in the legs. There are treatment options out there for you! Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Follow A Patient: Introducing Vickie

My name is Vickie. I have been asked by IVC to document my experience so other reluctant individuals can know of my experiences, my treatment, my pain or non-pain, and recovery process. I am a retired educator from a suburban/rural school district where I taught or was in administration for over 40 years. I like to travel, take pictures, read, crafts, scrapbook, and most anything that does not include chores around the house. One of my new hobbies is baking cupcakes.

I have had issues with my legs for a long time. After standing in the classroom I would find myself experiencing leg aches and in the night, leg cramps. Sitting down just doesn’t work when students needed help understanding what I taught. I have several other physical conditions and was never sure what caused the tired legs and leg cramps, but when my very active family wanted to walk, run, play ball, or other exercise my response was always “this body wasn’t made for exercise.”

When I was traveling I sometimes was restricted in my activities because my legs hurt. I found ways to compensate but I still missed out on some of the fun. I only take pictures until I can’t stand any longer, not because the subjects have disappeared. It takes two days to bake cupcakes–one to bake and one to frost.

I attended the Mother’s Day screening IVC conducted at the Marriot. I didn’t know for sure if varicose veins were part of my problem but my family did have a history of having varicose veins. No one really did anything about them because striping them was too costly and painful. Sure enough, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I have varicose veins in both legs.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Because IVC is privately owned, we contract and accept most insurance companies.

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If you do not see your insurance here, that does not mean that we do not accept them. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Our receptions or I will be able to let you know if we are in contract with your insurance.