What should I expect after sclerotherapy?

After sclerotherapy patients will often encounter some focal tenderness at the injection sites and along the course of the treated vein. This will feel like a bruise and can last for up to one month after the procedure. Hard lumps are also associated with the sclerotherapy. This may be noted along the course of the treated veins. This is the vein essentially turning into scar tissue and then the body will reabsorb this portion of the vein. Often times a skin discoloration or a bronze stain is noted in areas where veins are close to the surface of the skin. In most instances this is temporary lasting three to four months, however, in a small percentage of patients the staining can be permanent. This is a small risk associated with sclerotherapy.

Why veins in the feet are are not treated.

In the feet there is very little muscle and fat tissue surrounding the veins. The arteries, veins and nerves are all very close together in the feet. With all of these vessels being in very close proximity there is a high risk of causing problems to the artery or nerve when the vein is treated. If veins are treated in the feet, irritation and inflammation in the foot can cause spasm in the artery or nerve that can cause permanent problems. These problems can include necrosis or tissue death, chronic numbness and the possibility of foot drop or the inability to lift the toes up when walking.